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3 girls taking the rock on the road.

hey everyone. sorry for the crosspost. just wanted to update our tour schedule we posted a month or so ago as there have been some changes.

please come out and support us on this tour! we are out with athena reich ( for most of it. for more about us and some mp3 downloads, head over to

venue details on website...

nov 6th: boston, ma
nov 7th: nyc, ny
nov 8th: binghamton, ny
nov 9th: lewisburg, pa
nov 10th: arlington, va
nov 11th: albany, ny
nov 12th: zzzzzzzzzzz
nov 13th: possible buffalo show or zzzzzzzz
nov 14th: columbus, oh
nov 15th: cincinnati, oh

print this message out and get a free cd!
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