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04:54pm 27/03/2007
  Hello Everybody!! :-)

For all Music Keens, I'd like to invite YOU to listen my news song "Run and


If You want to Enjoy and Feel Music and Emotions with US, come into our

E V O L U T I O N 
06:26pm 03/03/2007
  Hi Everybody!

We're glad to show You our last song "LASTING WAVES",
than if you want to go on hearing..... there are also some alternative
versions and our cover remixes!

You can find everything inside our - My Space E V O L U T I O N - world:

Come to enjoy us!!

E V O L U T I O N - Electro Power Band - ITALY
09:24pm 25/09/2005
please feel free to delete if not allowed 
11:23pm 04/06/2005
PLEASE READ. im a big loser 
08:34pm 22/05/2005
  hey chilluns...

this is bobbie, and you're probably tired of me posting boston youth pride related things, especially because boston youth pride already happened, but this is more a bobbie related thing that happens to have to do with yp.

ok, so i was on the youth committee directing youth pride, and at one point i was standing on charles street directing vendors into the boston common, and two cars from safer homes worcester came in. there was this really cute girl with a tongue ring and a tan shirt and a black hat driving the second car, and she was wicked cool, and i saw her later too, waiting for the butchies but i lost her when everyone went up on stage with the butchies and i didn't even get her name, because i'm a giant wuss and didn't ask her when i had the chance, even though everyone was telling me to. so if anyone reads this and somehow knows who she is...

i know it's a long shot and i'm a loser to do this on LJ but i can't think of another way.

so who knows the cute girl with the tongue ring from safer homes worcester?!?

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Butchies LAST East Coast Performance 
11:40am 11/05/2005
  Read more to find out about the event that will host the Butchies LAST EVER East Coast performance before the band breaks up...Collapse )  
06:53pm 19/04/2005
  Tegan and Sara: Interview w/ Sara  
08:03pm 12/02/2005
  If this isn't allowed, just delete this post. _kathleen_hanna

Input Please 
09:10am 03/02/2005
  I am looking for songs for a mixed tape.

My lover/best friend is temporarily moving 5 hours away. I need song ideas to put on a mixed tape for the drive away.

So far I have Sara and Teagan's I Know, I Know, I Know & Rocking Horse Winner's I Miss You.
09:01pm 25/01/2005
  Hello. My name is Greta & I just joined. I love women musicians, so I thought i'd join.  
12:11pm 19/08/2004
  I've been a member of this community for quite a while & haven't really introduced myself, so here goes my attempt to do so. My name's Greta. i_am_ruined Tells ALMOST everything about me. If your still interested about me, AIM me: mysacredheart66 or go to my 'myspace' profile it tells EVERYTHING: http://profiles.myspace.com/users/4334237 Oh and this might or not be related to the community, but this is my 'riot grrrl online' site: http://riotgrrrl.girlsvomitcandy.com/ I have 7 other sites as well & more journals, check out my user info for more info. Anyhow, I'm glad to be a member of this community...this community is awesome!  
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Kathleen Hanna Community at Greatestjournal... 
02:48pm 30/07/2004
  If you have GreatestJournal, I suggest joining this community.  
Riot Grrrl 
02:53pm 27/05/2004
  My riot grrrl site is now up. Go here to visit it.  
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erase errata for sale 
08:47pm 13/05/2004
For the hippies and psychedelic rock lovers. 
01:02pm 03/04/2004
mood: peaceful

Woodstock '69, Revolutionary or decadent?

I say revolutionary.

Anyone else care to share their opinions?

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12:10pm 03/04/2004
mood: energetic
New here. I adore womyn singers, musicians, and all-female bands. A few of my fave females: Janis Joplin, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Wendy O. Add me if you please, and I'll add you back.
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I'm new.. 
03:09pm 17/12/2003
  Hi everyone! I am new here. I am into a lot of bands on the interest list & i am into riot grrrl, so I thought I would join.  
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12:24pm 07/12/2003
  check it out, and tell your friends!

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3 girls taking the rock on the road. 
08:35am 04/11/2003
  hey everyone. sorry for the crosspost. just wanted to update our tour schedule we posted a month or so ago as there have been some changes.

please come out and support us on this tour! we are out with athena reich (www.athenareich.com) for most of it. for more about us and some mp3 downloads, head over to www.allarocks.com.

venue details on website...

nov 6th: boston, ma
nov 7th: nyc, ny
nov 8th: binghamton, ny
nov 9th: lewisburg, pa
nov 10th: arlington, va
nov 11th: albany, ny
nov 12th: zzzzzzzzzzz
nov 13th: possible buffalo show or zzzzzzzz
nov 14th: columbus, oh
nov 15th: cincinnati, oh

print this message out and get a free cd!
is this legall? am i going to get yelled at? 
03:00pm 27/08/2003
  i started this comunity, band_tours. its basically so people can see that a cool band is on tour. i was sick of missing a band that came through my town and i didnt even know because i had been out of the loop for a bit. anyway, check it our if you would like. its not just for tours, but anything about live music.  
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